Frequently Asked Questions

How can i get the Catalog of Hansung NEX Co., Ltd2020-06-13T18:03:08+09:00

We sincerely thank you for always loving Hansung NEX Co., Ltd. Currently, the Hansung NEX catalog is available in formats PDF File. And You can search product name, number on Korea ON-Line E-Procurement System, model name and more.

CAN I BUY PERSONALLY?2020-06-13T18:03:14+09:00

Thank you for your interest in our Hansung NEX product. Basically, you can purchase the product only on KONEPS’ (Korea Online E-Protection System) comprehensive shopping mall page of the procurement agency. If you would like to ask a personal question, please contact us at our representative number 1661-4871 and we will discuss your personal purchase. Thank you.

HOW CAN I BUY THE PRODUCTS?2020-06-13T18:03:19+09:00

You can access the KONEPS (Korea ON-line E-Protection System) comprehensive shopping mall page ( and search for the product with its name, specifications, business name, and item identification number. Once the payment is completed after selecting the desired product, the product will then be moved to the shipping location and delivered to you.

ARE MATTRESSES ARE SAFE FROM RADON?2020-06-13T18:03:25+09:00

All the mattress products produced by Hansung NEX show low amounts of Radon making it safe to use and well below the recommended standard by the Ministry of Environment. Measurements were made on May 16, 2018 and it was confirmed that the measurement equipment was manufactured in Norway’s Digital Radon Detector Corentium Home – Model: BQM. Thank you.